FP3 and FP-4

Part number: FP3 and FP-4

Whirlwind FP-3 and FP-4 units feature removable bottom and end panel(s) to facilitate custom punching and engraving. (The FP-3 has one interchangeable panel on one end, the FP-4 provides panels on both ends.



Cable-clearance slots in the doors allow it to close over cables when in use and the FP-4 features a second separate hinged section that can remain open if the pocket is used with large diameter cable.

Both the FP-3 and FP-4 are deep enough to contain multipin connectors including Whirlwind's MASS series.

Check out our custom shop feature showing the FP-4 wired.

Nominal Outside Dimensions:
Box: 10" x 10" x 4.5"
Lid: 12" x 12"
Box: 18" x 10" x 4.75"
Lid: 20" x 12"

Optional back boxes are available:
FP-3BB6 - for FP-3
10" x 10" x 6" deep
FP-3BB8 - for FP-3 10" x 10" x 8" deep
FP-4BB8 - for FP-4 18" x 10" x 8" deep

* Back box knockouts include .5", .75", and 1"


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