Cyclone Cable Reel Cases

Part number: CC-CR-01, CC-CR-02

When we terminate and spool our Fiber Optic cable, it breaks our hearts to load it into a sub par flight case. Well that was precisely our motivation in creating the CycloneTM case series from Whirlwind. We picked the finest Colson® casters, flush mounted MOLTM latches and built it around our Marine grade HDPE panels resulting in a road worthy, incredibly sturdy road case that won’t soak up water, and rot like traditional cases that are made with plywood.

CC-CR-01 - suitable for the WD1, WD1D, WD2, WD2X, WD2D, WD3, WD5, WD6 and WD7

CC-CR-02 - suitable for the WD3-S, WD4 and WD4D

  • Cyclone CasesTM are built with flush mounted MOLTM latches to keep from scratching all of your other cases during load in, or transit.
  • Well thought out, over built, double sprung, recessed handles are what you’ll find on Cyclone CasesTM!
  • Cyclone CasesTM are built with the finest Colson® casters to assure a smooth, and steady transition from venue, to venue.

(WD2D reel shown)

  • Product family: Fiber Optic



PART #                            description                    weight lbs. empty

CC-PLD-8                        8 space rack                            95
CC-PLD-10                     10 space rack                         103
CC-PLD-12                     12 space rack                         112
CC-PLD-14                     14 space rack                         117
CC-PLD-16                     16 space rack                         123
CC-PLD-18                     18 space rack                         129
CC-PLD-20                     20 space rack                         143


CC-UT-30x30x45            30x30x45 utility trunk             212
CC-UT-24x30x45            24x30x45 utility trunk             187
CC-UT-22x30x30            22.5x30x30 utility trunk          138


CC-WD-01                     22.5x22.5x28 reel case            75
CC-WD-02                     22.5x45x28 reel case             109

SUPER TOUR CASE                                                    235


CCP-PLD-16            WW STYLE SHOCK MOUNT     168
CCP-PLD-14            WW STYLE SHOCK MOUNT     160
CCP-PLD-12            WW STYLE SHOCK MOUNT     151
CCP-PLD-10            WW STYLE SHOCK MOUNT     143