Fiber - Cat 5e Media Converter

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Whirlwind offers a clean, rack mounted solution for converting Singlemode or Multimode Fiber Optic to Cat 5e.



The Whirlwind MCM1000 Series of Media Converters are convenient 1 rack space units that convert Gigabit Ethernet fiber optic signals to Gigabit Cat5e RJ45 Ethernet signals. There are four models, two and four fiber single mode and two and four fiber multimode. All fiber connections are made through Neutrik® opticalCON DUO or opticalCON QUAD connectors. The Media Converters have 90-250VAC universal power supplies and signal status LEDs.

Models available

MCM1004  2 CAT5E Inputs, OpticalCON Quad output Multimode

MCS1004   2 CAT5E inputs, OpticalCON Quad output Singlemode

MCM1002  1 CAT5E input, OpticalCON Duo output Multimode

MCS1002  1 CAT5E input Opticalcon Duo output Singlemode


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