Part number: CO2a

2 Channel CobraNet Output Module

  • Product family: E-Snake
  • Type: Digital


The CO2a is Whirlwind's 2-channel CobraNet output module. Use it to provide networked digital audio wherever a 2-channel feed is required such as direct to an amp rack, feeding powered speaker arrays, stereo background music, paging systems and multimedia presentations. 

Just plug it into the network, select the CobraNet bundle to be received and pick 2 channels from within that bundle, it's that simple. 

You can even use it as a quick CobraNet test receiver! 


  • Uses CobraNet networking protocol - compatible with all other CobraNet devices from over 40 manufacturers. 
  • Auto-detects 20 or 24 bit word length. 
  • Auto-detects 5.33ms, 2.66ms or 1.33ms latencies. 
  • Output level is selectable between two ranges: +20dB and +6dB or +6dB and -10dB @ digital full scale input. 
  • Optional wired remote is available for controlling volume and channel select in stereo pairs or dual-mono selection. 
  • Integral mounting bracket provides for secure vertical or horizontal orientation or mounting to a rack shelf. 
  • Integrated universal power supply for 85-264VAC, 50/60Hz operation.

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