Fiber - Cat 5e Media Converter

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Whirlwind offers a clean, rack mounted solution for converting Singlemode or Multimode Fiber Optic to Cat 5e.



The Whirlwind MCM1000 Series of Media Converters are convenient 1 rack space units that convert Gigabit Ethernet fiber optic signals to/from Gigabit Cat5e RJ45 Ethernet signals. There are four models, two and four fiber single mode and two and four fiber multimode. All fiber connections are made through Neutrik® opticalCON DUO or opticalCON QUAD connectors. The Media Converters have 90-250VAC universal power supplies and signal status LEDs.

Models available

MCM1004  2 CAT5E connectors, OpticalCON Quad Multimode connector

MCS1004   2 CAT5E connectors, OpticalCON Quad Singlemode connector

MCM1002  1 CAT5E connector, OpticalCON Duo Multimode connector

MCS1002  1 CAT5E connector, Opticalcon Duo Singlemode connector


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