ADC ProAx® Triaxial Connectors

Part number: Multiple

ProAx® Camera Connectors by ADC feature field-repairable center conductors which eliminate the need to restrip, O-rings that provide superior sealing against moisture, fewer parts to assemble, and compatibility with off-the-shelf tooling (eliminating the need for custom wrenches). 


TCJ-A12  Female for use with 0.475" diameter cable

TCP-A12  Male for use with 0.475" diameter cable

TCJ-B38  Female for use with 0.360" cable

TCP-B38  Male for use with 0.360" cable

  • Type: Proax / Triax


If you need to make a repair or reverse the gender, simply remove the outer shell and insulator, unscrew the center conductor housing, and replace the center conductor assembly. No stripping or crimp tools are required. ProAx Connectors feature true 75 Ohms impedance. 

Impedance: 75 Ohms 
Operating Frequency: 0-500 MHz 
Return Loss on straight plugs and jacks: Less than -35dB 
Contact Resistance: Center Contacts: Less than .001 Ohms 
Inner Ground Contacts: Less than 0.0002 Ohms 
Voltage Breakdown: 
Center Conductor/Inner Ground: 1500V RMS 
Inner Ground/Outer Ground: 500V RMS 
Altitude: 1-10,000 feet 
Operating Temperature: -20C to +70C 
Cable retention: 140 lbs. min. for 1/2" dia. cable 100 lbs. min. 
for 3/8" dia. cable