Part number: DCSP1

The Whirlwind DCSP1 provides phantom power for condenser microphones when used with the SPC Series Splitters. The DCSP1 is a regulated low-noise 48VDC power supply that can deliver up to 500mA. Each DCSP1 provides power for approximately 48 microphones when used with the SPC series splitters.



DCSP1 48 Volt Phantom Power Supply Features
  • The Whirlwind DCSP1 48 Volt Power Supply is a linear regulated supply designed for the most professional of applications. The linear supply keeps noise very low with no possibility of RF interference. A toroidal power transformer is used which produces extremely low magnetic fields, keeping induced hum at bay.
  • The Whirlwind DCSP1 delivers up to 500 mA of current and can power up to 48 channels of phantom powered microphones.
  • Connections are via convenient screw type terminals.
  • The Whirlwind DCSP1 also uses diode “OR-ing” circuits so that 2 or more units can be wired in parallel, offering redundancy for critical applications. When 2 supplies are connected, each one shares half the load, maximizing life and minimizing heat. If one supply fails, the transition to the other supply is seamless.
  • A  230 VAC 50 Hz model is available (model number DCSP1X)

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