Part number: PRESSMITE

This compact, active press feed distribution box distributes 12 high-quality mic level signals and 2 line level signals with a high degree of isolation between outputs.

  • Type: Active


It provides a 60 dB gain adjustment for one mic or line input. The PressMite® also features a built-in headphone amp. Two alkaline 9 V batteries provide power for typically more than 8 hours of continuous operation, monitored by a Battery OK LED. The batteries are easily replaced via side-mount trays. A 120 VAC / 24 VDC power adapter (model PS242.1*) is included. 

*PS24 on pre 2010 models

In MIC input mode, 18V phantom power is selectable and a three segment LED headroom display speeds level adjustment. If more outputs are needed, PB Series Press Boxes can be connected to the line outputs to provide up to 48 additional mic outputs. The PressMite's box is built to withstand the abuse of public events. 

Frequency Response: 100 Hz-6 kHz ±0.3 dB, 15Hz-20kHz ±3.0 dB 
Input Impedance: Mic: 1.5 kOhms; Line: 40 kOhms 
Max Input Level: Mic: -14 dBu; Line: +30 dBu 
Output Impedance: Mic: 150 Ohms; Line: 600 Ohms 
Max Output Level: Mic: -17 dBu Mic Outputs; Line: +12 dBu 
Total Harmonic Distortion: 0.063% at 1 kHz (unity gain) 
Rise Time: 26 µS 
Phase Shift: -0.8 ° at 1 kHz (unity gain) 
Intermodulation Distortion: 0.08% (unity gain, Mic mode) 
CMR at 60 Hz: Mic: 75 dB; Line: 60 dB 
    Mic Outputs: 65 dB between vertically adjacent channel pairs, 107 dB between non-vertically adjacent pairs
     Line Outputs: Greater than 77 dB 
Power Requirements: (2) 9 V alkaline batteries or 24 Volt external DC (120 VAC / 24 VDC power adapter included)