5.1 Precision Level Control

Part number: 5.1PA

The 5.1 System was custom made for post production suites. It is a precision volume control for 5.1 Systems with the 6 channels tracking to .1 dBV.



All connections are balanced TRS and ground lifted. There are 2 outputs, for use with 2 sets of 5.1 speaker systems, e.g. Pro and Consumer brands or 5.1 and a stereo pair. The system consists of a 1 RU unit which contains all system input and output connections. The 5.1PLC controller is a table top, sloped enclosure with individual speaker on/off buttons, Speaker A/B switch, and a precision level control with an LED display. Other features include a Stereo Aux input, Dim and Mute functions, and a 5.1 to Stereo down mix.